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Automating the business from IT

Accelerate digital transformation

Transform digital operations

Automate and optimize technology services operations

In today's dynamic world, technology underpins almost every aspect of business operations. It is the engine that enables innovation, improved competitiveness and excellent employee and customer experiences. As organizations continue to digitally transform, the importance of technology increases.

As an organization responsible for technological excellence, CIOs and their teams play a critical role in business success. Its mission is to make your business stronger, better and more secure, creating a "stronger" digital foundation, building "better" innovation with confidence, and providing a "safer" environment for employees and customers.

At FLUXAI we are dedicated to designing and building software solutions that allow you to automate the digital services that your company's technology organization offers to your organization.

Our portfolio of solutions can help you solve needs such as those described below:

Planificar de forma inteligente y proactiva las necesidades empresariales

Smartly and proactively plan for business needs

Capture business needs, make informed investment decisions based on benefits, risks, costs and capacity, plan and execute programs effectively, and establish and track success criteria, all while increasing agility like efficiency.

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Soportar los servicios digitales y crear experiencias receptivas

Support digital services and create responsive experiences

Predict and avoid digital service issues, resolve service issues faster when they occur, accelerate innovation by scaling operational capabilities, and reduce service delivery costs by breaking down operational silos and automating processes with best practices.

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Optimizar el uso y el gasto en tecnología informática

Optimize use and spending on information technology

Create unified visibility across all software, hardware, and cloud assets, automatically link assets to specific digital services or business functions, and automate workflows at every stage of the asset lifecycle to eliminate waste, avoid costly software compliance issues and reduce environmental impact.

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ServiceNow Logo

We rely on ServiceNow solutions

to build and drive the transformation of the digital operation of your entire company, through products such as:

  • Strategy Portfolio Management (SPM)

  • IT Service Management (ITSM)

  • IT Operation Management (ITOM)

  • IT Asset Management (ITAM).

For more information, see ServiceNow product.

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