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Transforming customer service management

Exceed customer expectations and reduce costs

Deliver frictionless customer experiences

Don't let the unexpected interrupt your customer service engine

When things change in an instant, can your customer experience engine keep up? Are you prepared to overcome resource constraints, keep remote and local employees connected and productive, manage spikes in customer requests, and address potential issues before customers even know about them? It's a great ask, but if you can maintain reliably high service levels during unpredictable times, then your organization is one step closer to providing frictionless service that will build loyalty.

A key element to driving successful customer experiences is creating connectivity between teams within your service organization. Because? The reality is that many customer service cases are not resolved with the contact center alone. Often, front offices, middle and administrative teams, as well as field teams, must have a meeting to resolve complex problems. But this is not a sustainable approach: frontline agents cannot constantly call the call center to obtain customer history or find the location of a part that needs to be accessed, this will only lead to customer frustration and colleagues.

What's needed are automated workflows that can empower customer service and support teams to be more productive and deliver frictionless service and effortless experiences.

At FLUXAI we are dedicated to designing and building software solutions that allow you to automate services to offer your customers better experiences.

Our portfolio of solutions can help you solve needs such as those described below:

Contar con un sistema de acción único

Have a unique action system

With a single system of action, companies have complete visibility of consolidated and real-time information, allowing them to automate and orchestrate work like never before. A single system of action is the engine that drives all areas of the business to think and act as one in the best interest of customers.


Companies are seeing how by leveraging a single, integrated system of action, driven by one platform, one architecture and one data model, the customer experience is transformed. This approach unites teams, processes and systems into products, services and subscriptions for each customer.


Once this foundation is in place, it's possible to start thinking about new advancements in your customer experience machine, including strategic automation and a proactive approach to service.

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Organizar equipos resilientes y crear procesos sólidos para brindar un servicio consistente

Organize resilient teams and create solid processes to provide consistent service

When the parameters of your customer service environment suddenly change, make sure your customer experience team and field service agents are trained to do their part. If you have processes that can solve the high-impact problems your customers face, you can consistently deliver good experiences that could create loyal customers for life. Getting customers what they need faster and with less friction is the key to a truly great customer experience and a unified organization.

This requires fixing broken manual processes and information silos between your frontline agents, middle, back-office and field teams. Frontline agents should not have to spend as much time on routine tasks that they can take care of using automated tools. If your customer service processes were not digital before, they must
be it now.

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Romper los silos y automatizar los procesos en todos los equipos

Break silos and automate processes across teams

If customer service agents have to rely on a combination of internal emails, phone calls, and chat apps to get information or implore action from middle and back-office teams, your team will struggle to create quality solutions with efficiency.

The only way to resolve problems quickly and permanently is to break down information silos and automate processes between teams. Routine activities that would normally take up valuable time with agents using manual processes can be significantly reduced through automation.

When everyone has access to the same source of truth and can track the progress of a problem, from inception to resolution, you can ensure everything is done efficiently and correctly.

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Supervisar de forma proactiva los productos y servicios

Proactively monitor products and services

The saying goes, "prevention is better than cure," that's certainly true for customer service. If you can avoid downtime completely, you'll avoid incoming customer calls, customer dissatisfaction, and frustration.

Informing customers of a problem and letting them know that you have fixed it or are working on the solution before they themselves notice it can go a long way toward building trust and building loyalty.

Your customers expect and deserve a great experience – keep problems from coming to them to reduce friction and deliver greatness.

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Identificar oportunidades en las que la automatización estratégica puede mejorar la eficiencia

Identify opportunities where strategic automation can improve efficiency

A successful customer service organization is one that works smarter and not just harder or faster. Strategic automation is a methodology that can support this team goal when applied correctly. To maximize success, management must first understand where tedious manual entry tasks, bottlenecks, process repetition, and duplication of work occur. The next step is to leverage technology and optimize processes to improve efficiency, before finally identifying where automation makes sense in the chain.

Remember, automation should always be a value-added augmentation of your own culture and unique customer service methods. When deployed strategically and successfully, automation will ultimately free up customer service colleagues to work on more business-critical tasks.

In order to locate opportunities to implement automation and improve efficiency across your customer service teams, you can leverage the technologies that exist today as a starting point.

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We rely on ServiceNow solutions

We rely on ServiceNow solutions to build and drive the transformation of services for your clients, through products such as:

  • Customer Service Management (CSM),

  • Field Service Management (FSM)

For more information, see ServiceNow product.

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