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Elevating the employee experience

Make it easy for employees to get what they need

Drive Productivity and Growth

Free up employee time and make smarter workforce investments

Free up employee time with easy self-service and guided tours. Make smarter workforce investments based on insights into employee skills. Deliver a scalable employee experience that increases engagement, fosters talent development, and drives shared services productivity.

At FLUXAI we are dedicated to designing and building software solutions that elevate the employee experience, boosting productivity.

Our portfolio of solutions can help you solve needs such as those described below:

Cree una experiencia unificada para los empleados

Create a unified employee experience

Increase engagement, reduce costs, and provide self-service. Create a unified employee experience.

Connect employees and workflow in a centralized portal.

Provide a single place for employees to engage in company services.

Increase self-service and reduce requests with people-based content.

Increase visibility into end-to-end process flows with operational reporting and dashboards.

Drive agility with low-code/no-code and integrate legacy and modern applications with AI and RPA.

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Hacer que los empleados sean más productivos

Make employees more productive

Connect the employee experience to simplify the way work gets done. Unify tools, teams and workflow on one omnichannel platform.

Offer better self-service, support, and proactive communications to increase engagement.

Organize departmental processes, such as HR onboarding and exiting, with guided tours, increased management knowledge, and critical learning.

Provide visibility into employee experience trends by capturing feedback, surfacing trends, and using AI for guided recommendations.

Deliver new experiences and journeys with tools on a single platform.

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ServiceNow Logo

We rely on ServiceNow solutions

We rely on ServiceNow solutions to build and drive to elevate your employee experience, through products such as:


  • HR Service Delivery (HRSD),

  • Workplace Service Delivery.

For more information, see ServiceNow product.

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